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How daycare helps children develop social skills

daycare in vancouver WALearning healthy social skills and understanding basic human interaction are absolutely critical for a child to grow into a well-adapted adult. Learning these skills starts early. Your child’s development relies heavily on these early years through daycare in Vancouver to lay the framework for a happy, well-adjusted and thriving child.

The older you are, the harder it is to learn socialization skills. This is why it’s so important that children beginning learning these critical skills as soon as possible. Daycare, preschool or other similar child care places are often where these skills are practiced and learned.

How children learn in preschool

Child learn through playing. Vancouver daycare and preschool offer a host of activities, toys and games that can get children outside of their shell and interacting with other kids. Important skills such as sharing and taking turns are learned organically with these methods. In addition, this allows children to be exposed to others who may look, sound, and act differently from themselves. This is a great way to introduce diversity and foster a child’s ability to react to change.

staff at daycare in vancouver WAWhat do children learn at daycare?

Self-confidence: A confident child is more prepared for school than an apprehensive child. Whether a young child or full-grown adult, self-confidence helps determine a person’s decision-making. Daycare allows children to accept being separated from mom and dad for a set period of time everyday. This greatly improves separation anxiety, and you may even find your child looking forward to going to preschool as the days continue on. Plus, consistent social interaction with other children lowers general anxiety and provides ample opportunities for personal growth.

Friendship: Learning how to make friends comes easier to some children than it does to others. That being said, daycare is the perfect place for youngsters to complete activities together, have fun and create friendships. Knowing how to make friends is arguably essential for just about everyone out there; those skills can slip through the cracks if children are not around other kids their age in a structured setting, like preschool.  

Ability to express self: In order for children to effectively express themselves in a social setting, they must first have the confidence and communication skills necessary to interact with other in a healthy way. These social skills lay the foundation for future growth and expression, which will only flourish as your child grows.

Daycare in Vancouver WA

KIDSPACE Child Enrichment Center is dedicated to providing high-quality preschool and daycare in  Vancouver and the greater Washington state area. We encourage you to observe children and our teachers in small groups to see firsthand how your child could thrive with a fun curriculum and fantastic teachers. Contact us and get started today!

Effects of Exercise on Executive Functioning in Children

Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, there have been long-standing beliefs that physical activity is related to intellectual ability and functioning. Researchers have been looking at the effects of exercise on cognitive functioning since the 1950’s. A historical overview done in 1986 by Kirkendall (1986) evidenced a decline in the 70’s and 80’s of active research being done on children’s cognitive functioning and physical activity. In Kirkendall’s opinion, the decline reflects a shift in research interest towards the physical benefits of exercise, and a divergence from studying the cognitive benefits.

Young chidren running in nature

Family-Friendly Hikes in Clark County

Kids are happy and healthy when they get regular exercise. Our Vancouver daycare keeps kids moving with an outdoor playground and indoor gym. We believe physical play boosts our students’ spirits and helps them learn.

Family friendly hikes in Clark County Washington.

You can keep the fun going by staying active with your kids after work and on weekends. Summer’s long days are the perfect time to enjoy being outside with your family. But the parks around Clark County beckon even when the weather’s cold and wet.

How to Read With Your Child

Reading with your children is a great way to develop their love of books, language and learning. It’s fun for them and for you. Perhaps you already read with your preschool kids. Don’t stop there! Even after children learn to read, many still enjoy sharing a good story with a parent or sibling.

Learn how to read with your child.

At Kidspace, we integrate language and literacy learning into our Vancouver child care center. Our preschool and school age classrooms have ample opportunities to read, write, learn and enjoy a good book.

5 Ways You Can Help Kids Eat Healthier

Are you planning to eat healthier in 2016? It’s common for adults to make diet New Year’s resolutions. Kids can also set goals to eat better. The American Academy of Pediatrics has compiled a list of healthy resolutions appropriate for children.

It's more fun when parents and kids eat healthy together.

Make it easy for kids to grab a healthy snack by leaving fresh fruit on the kitchen table.

Whether your children make resolutions or not, you can help them develop good eating habits. Let’s Move suggests a family can improve its diet by focusing on five areas. Small changes in eating habits can make a difference. Here are some simple ways you and your kids can start eating healthier.

Reduce Fat and Sugar

Prepare lean meats such as skinless chicken breast or ground turkey. Choose lower sugar breakfast cereals or prepare old-fashioned oatmeal. Offer your child milk rather than juice and switch to fruits for desserts and snacks. Talk to your child about the health benefits of eating foods with lower sugar and saturated fat.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Share

Two young boys share a toy train set.Sharing is a vital part of relating to other human beings. By cultivating openness in our interactions with others, we create harmony and support within communities large and small. However, young children often have a hard time learning to share. As with any new skill, practice builds confidence, and even enjoyment. The following are tried-and-true tips for encouraging your child to share.

Are Your Kids Wearing the Right Kind of Shoes?

A child stands in shoes that are too big.Finding the right pair of shoes for your child can be a challenge. Kids develop their own preferences early on, so what your little one wants to wear may not be seasonally appropriate, or even her correct size. To find shoes your child will like and feel comfortable wearing, you’ll need to get the right fit, construction and style.