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So Long September . . . Hello October!

October is here and that means fall is in the air . . . It’s so fun to be a teacher in the fall, because there are so many exciting activities which involve the season and the coming holidays.  In fact, I often wish fall was longer and we weren’t pushed by Old Man Winter and his holidays.  There is so much to savor, learn, discover and experience with the changing of the seasons.  All of October and November will be woven with activities and treasures of autumn.    

Singing to the Children

Miss Faye knows how music penetrates the hearts and the heads of children. 
Everyday she sings to (and with) her sweet chickadees.  
They begin their morning group time by singing a song to count their fingers and toes. 
Then she sings the following song to each child
as she draws a picture of each them on the white board:
Hell-o everybody!
We’re so glad to see you!
Hell-o (child’s name)!
We’re so glad to see you!
After doing the same routine everyday since school began, the children are now
drawinging pictures of themselves (and their friends) on the white board during play time 
and singing the song to themselves (and their friends)!!!
That, is just as it should be when you’re three . . . .


What Would You Do?

Children don’t always need prompts to encourage writing, but the above picture was irresistible.  The Bluebirds were given this picture printed on a piece of paper and asked, “What would you do if an alligator knocked on your door?”  The children were very intrigued and excited by the photo.  Many of them “wrote” their own answers to the question and others only dictated their responses to a teacher.  Here are the children’s words.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


Friday, September 18th Westfield Mall at Vancouver, WA together with the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington invited girls to the mall for an evening of fun.

KIDSPACE Child Enrichment Center provided a fitness challenge for the girls.  It was a very popular activity as there was a lineup all evening of girls waiting to prove to themselves they could conquer the course.   Five girls not only conquered the course, but did it in record breaking times.  The following girls had the best times of the evening in their age groups.  Congratulations!

4 year olds – Olivia   3minutes and 15 seconds

5 year olds – Madisyn   1minute and 25 seconds

6 to 8 year olds – Julia   42 seconds

9 – 10 year olds – Ellie   43 seconds

11 – 12 year olds – Anika   35 seconds

September School Days

What is it about slipping on a brand new pair of shoes or a fancy new dress?  Now compare that feeling to putting on your favorite pair of jeans or tennie-runners?  The first day of school is a mix of both as we integrate the excitement of the new with the comforts of the old.  This year is a perfect balance.  To those of you who are new to KIDSPACE . . . welcome!  To those of you who are our long-time cherished families . . . thank you for sharing another year with us.