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How daycare helps children develop social skills

daycare in vancouver WALearning healthy social skills and understanding basic human interaction are absolutely critical for a child to grow into a well-adapted adult. Learning these skills starts early. Your child’s development relies heavily on these early years through daycare in Vancouver to lay the framework for a happy, well-adjusted and thriving child.

The older you are, the harder it is to learn socialization skills. This is why it’s so important that children beginning learning these critical skills as soon as possible. Daycare, preschool or other similar child care places are often where these skills are practiced and learned.

How children learn in preschool

Child learn through playing. Vancouver daycare and preschool offer a host of activities, toys and games that can get children outside of their shell and interacting with other kids. Important skills such as sharing and taking turns are learned organically with these methods. In addition, this allows children to be exposed to others who may look, sound, and act differently from themselves. This is a great way to introduce diversity and foster a child’s ability to react to change.

staff at daycare in vancouver WAWhat do children learn at daycare?

Self-confidence: A confident child is more prepared for school than an apprehensive child. Whether a young child or full-grown adult, self-confidence helps determine a person’s decision-making. Daycare allows children to accept being separated from mom and dad for a set period of time everyday. This greatly improves separation anxiety, and you may even find your child looking forward to going to preschool as the days continue on. Plus, consistent social interaction with other children lowers general anxiety and provides ample opportunities for personal growth.

Friendship: Learning how to make friends comes easier to some children than it does to others. That being said, daycare is the perfect place for youngsters to complete activities together, have fun and create friendships. Knowing how to make friends is arguably essential for just about everyone out there; those skills can slip through the cracks if children are not around other kids their age in a structured setting, like preschool.  

Ability to express self: In order for children to effectively express themselves in a social setting, they must first have the confidence and communication skills necessary to interact with other in a healthy way. These social skills lay the foundation for future growth and expression, which will only flourish as your child grows.

Daycare in Vancouver WA

KIDSPACE Child Enrichment Center is dedicated to providing high-quality preschool and daycare in  Vancouver and the greater Washington state area. We encourage you to observe children and our teachers in small groups to see firsthand how your child could thrive with a fun curriculum and fantastic teachers. Contact us and get started today!

How KIDSPACE Engages Your Child’s Body and Brain

astronautAt KIDSPACE, we hold the fundamental belief that when it comes to early childhood education, cultivating a healthy body and a healthy brain are two sides of the same coin. With America’s obesity epidemic on the rise, it has never been more important for children to get regular physical exercise, in addition to having their minds stimulated on a daily basis.

How to Teach Your Kids About Diversity

girl-with-globeChildren living in today’s United States are exposed to a wide variety of racial and cultural diversity, creating the potential for well-rounded perspectives and an appreciation of all that we both share and have to learn from others.

Whether or not your child is asking questions about different cultures depends largely on the diversity of your family, local community, and the types of messages shared with him or her at daycare or school. While toddlers can observe and take part in cultural activities that enrich their experience and broaden their horizons from an early age, grade-school children can put cultural and racial differences into perspective.

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

kids-trick-or-treatingHalloween is an exciting holiday, intended to thrill and inspire kids of all ages. Parents are often amazed at the creativity unleashed in their children as they dream up costumes and even voices for the characters they wish to portray. There are many ways to encourage creativity in your kids, including allowing them to help make their own costumes and Halloween decorations.

Unfortunately, Halloween is also a time of year when parents must be extra aware of their children’s safety. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, “children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.” In addition, the candy children consume may be contaminated and must be thoroughly examined before being consumed. Consider the following tips for safety at this fun and fanciful time of year:

Children’s Problem Solving Abilities Enhanced with Music

kids-instrumentsAccording to a new study, children who undertake early musical training are able to retain information more readily and develop excellent problem solving skills. The children surveyed played an instrument for at least two years and took private music lessons.

Helping Your Preschooler Develop Healthy Self-Esteem

self-esteemAs your child grows, helping her to develop a healthy sense of self is one of the hallmarks of good parenting. Children of all ages blossom in loving environments, but there are special ways that you can encourage your child to grow, depending on her age.

At Kidspace Child Enrichment Center, we do our very best to stimulate and encourage children based on their developmental needs. The following are age-appropriate self-esteem boosters that we use at our center every day. If you are looking for ways to relate to your child and grow her self-worth, consider the following: