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Vancouver Preschools – Should My Child Attend?

Vancouver preschools bluebirdsChildren are a special gift to this life and of course parents want what’s best for them. This means that education often enters into the conversation, and that discussion needs to take place early on in life. Part of this educational issue revolves around the question of whether children should attend Vancouver preschools and daycares. There are some children who do attend preschool, and some who do not. Let us quickly look at a few points that should help you decide upon an answer that works best for you and your kids.

Advantages of Attending Preschool

There are quite a few advantages to a child attending a preschool in Vancouver, WA, or the greater Portland metro area. The first notable advantage is related to academic achievement. This is backed up by years of studies that indicate children who attend preschool enjoy a higher overall level of academic achievement and tend to repeat grades less often than those who do not attend. Higher graduation rates are also associated with early education. These academic advantages span across all socio-economic groups. In other words, children from both low-income and high-income families equally benefit from attending preschool.

Vancouver preschools students are building the sandboxLearning social skills

There is also the social aspect of attending preschool that must be taken into consideration. The long-term impact of entering school early has been noted to result in a positive impact on the social and emotional development of children. Children who attend Vancouver preschools learn valuable social skills that enable them to get along well with other children at a much earlier age than those who are delayed entry into school. You do not have to put your child in an all-day preschool to achieve these advantages. Even a few hours a day is beneficial for long-term brain development for children at this highly impressionable age.

Readiness for School

Many parents are concerned that their children will not be ready when it comes time to enter primary school. This is another key reason why it might be beneficial to enroll your child in one of the quality Vancouver preschools in the area. Children who attend preschool will be more prepared to enter school, and this is noted by their more advanced progress reports when they attend kindergarten. Positive gains in achievement scores are noted when children attend preschool, and they are more prepared socially and emotionally as well.

Vancouver preschools and daycare

If you have questions about Vancouver preschools, give Kidspace a call today. As a leader in early childhood education, they will take as much time as you need to feel comfortable with the decision that you ultimately make in the best interest of your child.

Fun Arts and Crafts Ideas For Preschoolers

Arts and crafts for preschoolersThe benefits of arts and crafts for children are plentiful: they build coordination, help develop patience, boost self-esteem, can be a great bonding activity with parents, and – most especially – don’t involve an electronic screen of any kind. It’s also the perfect way to recreate their school’s atmosphere of learning and discovery at home.

If you’ve worked through your old summer camp standbys (pine cone n’ peanut butter bird feeder, anyone?), you’ve probably been tempted to hit the Internet to search for some fresh activities.

The good news is that the Internet offers roughly a billion ideas for arts and crafts. The bad news is, it can be a little daunting to know which to choose. Which will keep the attention span of your child? Will you need to make multiple runs to the art supply store? Which crafts actually require a degree from the Parsons School of Design?

Importance of Student-Teacher Ratios in Preschool

children in a preschool playing gamesThe most successful preschool programs have small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios. While the statewide standard in Washington for ratios in preschools is one teacher for every ten students (1:10), high-quality preschools typically maintain even lower ratios.

It is vitally important for that number to remain low. Many studies have shown the correlation–beginning in preschool–between low child-teacher ratios and future positive outcomes for students. Committing to small classes and low ratios gives preschools the capacity to develop and nurture in each child a love for lifelong learning, provide the most stable academic foundation, and proudly send well-prepared students off to their formal education.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Share

Two young boys share a toy train set.Sharing is a vital part of relating to other human beings. By cultivating openness in our interactions with others, we create harmony and support within communities large and small. However, young children often have a hard time learning to share. As with any new skill, practice builds confidence, and even enjoyment. The following are tried-and-true tips for encouraging your child to share.

Are Your Kids Wearing the Right Kind of Shoes?

A child stands in shoes that are too big.Finding the right pair of shoes for your child can be a challenge. Kids develop their own preferences early on, so what your little one wants to wear may not be seasonally appropriate, or even her correct size. To find shoes your child will like and feel comfortable wearing, you’ll need to get the right fit, construction and style.

Family-Friendly Water Holes in SW Washington

Where your kids can splash around on the perfect summer day!

Summer is blossoming in Clark County and it’s a great time for a family excursion to take a dip in some of Vancouver’s best watering holes. Here we have listed our favorite urban spot for cooling off, as well as a couple spots a bit farther east for some fun-filled outdoor adventures.

kids playing in fountainFountain at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver

Located right in city center, this fountain is a favorite urban spot for taking the kids for a quick afternoon splash. Completely reclaimed from its transient past, Esther Short Park is now a vibrant beacon for community revival.

Your preschooler will love getting to dip their toes in the cool running water of this lively urban oasis. Just keep in mind: this cute little spot is popular. Bring a towel and keep an eye out as you would at any swimming pool, and let your kid splash away! 

How KIDSPACE Engages Your Child’s Body and Brain

astronautAt KIDSPACE, we hold the fundamental belief that when it comes to early childhood education, cultivating a healthy body and a healthy brain are two sides of the same coin. With America’s obesity epidemic on the rise, it has never been more important for children to get regular physical exercise, in addition to having their minds stimulated on a daily basis.

Five Classic Books to Read to Your 3-5-Year-Old Tonight

mother-and-child-readingIt’s bedtime. Or that time just after dinner when you and your child snuggle up on the couch and pick out a book to read. Or that time when you sit in the doctor’s office waiting room while you wait for the nurse to call your name. Anytime can be reading time, especially when you have the right book to stimulate your child’s mind and heart.

We’re always amazed by the wide variety of excellent books available to children and parents. The following list includes a few of our favorite classics, books you and your 3-5-year-old can curl up with and enjoy, again and again.

Fitness Tips for Kids

A nice kid playing in the playgroundYou teach your children to properly brush their teeth, get the right amount of sleep, and reach for fruit or other healthy option when they’re hungry. But what about movement? Granted, you don’t want your little one joining you for boot camp workout classes, but modeling positive fitness practices and providing your children with options is a great way to set the foundation for a lifetime of excellent health habits.

Young children are often naturally active. However, if your child could use more structured exercise, it might be time to make changes to the way you approach playtime. The National Association of Sports and Physical Education has developed some parameters for young children, including the amount of exercise that best meets their needs.

Is your child getting too much exercise, too little or just enough?