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Family-Friendly Water Holes in SW Washington

Where your kids can splash around on the perfect summer day!

Summer is blossoming in Clark County and it’s a great time for a family excursion to take a dip in some of Vancouver’s best watering holes. Here we have listed our favorite urban spot for cooling off, as well as a couple spots a bit farther east for some fun-filled outdoor adventures.

kids playing in fountainFountain at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver

Located right in city center, this fountain is a favorite urban spot for taking the kids for a quick afternoon splash. Completely reclaimed from its transient past, Esther Short Park is now a vibrant beacon for community revival.

Your preschooler will love getting to dip their toes in the cool running water of this lively urban oasis. Just keep in mind: this cute little spot is popular. Bring a towel and keep an eye out as you would at any swimming pool, and let your kid splash away! 

Lacamas Lake in Clark County

Just a 20 minute drive from Kidspace, this lake has a fantastic 3.5-mile walking trail along its entire southern edge. Wide enough for two-way bike and foot traffic, its trail also has a view of waterfalls and rivers.

The lake is is also a great fishing spot and a popular place to water ski. For a larger family gathering, this is a fantastic spot!

Dougan Falls along the Washougal River

Waterfall in forestThe 40 minute drive from our preschool in Vancouver WA is well worth it. Your family will love the view of the Columbia River as you head eastward on SR 14 to get to this fantastic swimming hole.

Nestled a few miles up the Washougal River, this spot is arguably the premier swimming spot in the state of Washington. The water can get a bit deep so it’s important to keep a close eye on your toddler.

Fun note: if you or your partner are feeling ambitious, this also happens to be one of the best cliff-diving spots in the Pacific Northwest!

Getting your kids outside this summer is a great way for encouraging them to develop healthy habits and a lifelong appreciation for the natural world.

Encouraging children to be physically active and to engage with their environment is an important part of what we at Kidspace promise to parents. We have programs available for ages preschool to 5th grade, and are dedicated to providing a fun learning environment where kids can enjoy the sweet fruits of summer!

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