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Joyful Learning

We believe learning should be…

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Our goal at KIDSPACE Child Enrichment Center is to provide a rock solid foundation for years of joyful learning. We believe learning should be joyful, not only today, but also tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come.

Joyful learners have a strong sense of self and strong social skills.

♥ We have a genuine interest and concern for each child.
♥ We provide time and opportunities for children to get to know each other and develop friendships.
♥ We create an atmosphere of caring. We care for each other and we care about learning.
♥ We practice sharing and cooperation skills with the children.
♥ We know that it’s a priority for children to learn how to label, verbalize and manage their feelings.
♥ We encourage children to learn how to respect other’s feelings.
♥ We encourage children how to develop self-control through role playing, modeling and practice.
♥ We encourage children to learn and practice the virtue of patience.
♥ We encourage children to take responsibility for the care of the classroom environment.

Joyful learners participate in developmentally appropriate activities.

♥ We give children rich experiences in the arts and sciences.
♥ We use a variety of instructional approaches that are multisensory, engaging, and honor children’s diverse learning styles.
♥ We know that a curriculum that is true to the spirit of childhood acknowledges that creativity and critical thinking join hands.
♥ We know that active learning promotes literacy and fitness and is consistent with how the young child’s brain learns best.
♥ We know that music and singing provide a relaxed, joyful mood – the perfect state for language learning. Music and rhymes are powerful hooks to long-term memory.