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Why KIDSPACE Child Enrichment Center?

Because your child will reap the benefits…

The Benefit of our outstanding facility will give your child the developmentally appropriate experiences he/she needs for a head start in his/her growth and preparation for elementary school and beyond.  All the components that healthy children need to grow and learn are integrated into our facility.  The 2,500 square foot gym is central to the plan of our facility because large muscle play and exploration is crucial to all aspects of learning and growing.  We know what children need to grow, learn and be happy and our program reflects it. 

The Benefit of low student teacher ratio will give your child the extra attention he/she deserves to help him/her develop key social, physical and academic skills.  Our ratios are well below state standards which is the standard all other programs use to determine their class size and teacher needs.  The state standard for children 2.5 years old through five years old is 1 teacher to 10 students.  Our Chickadees preschool class (three year olds) has a ratio of 1 teacher to 8 students.  Our Bluebirds and Robins preschool classes (four and five year olds) have a 1 to 9 teacher – student ratio.  The state standard for children kindergarten through fifth grade is 1 teacher to 15 students.  Our ratio for K – 1st grade is 1 teacher to 13 students and for the older school age students, 1 teacher to 14 students.  We know what children need to grow, learn and be happy and our program reflects it.

The Benefit of a child-centered curriculum gives children the foundation they need in order to take the next step in the journey of education.  It makes sense that preschool children are encouraged to explore and play with letters, numbers, words and language in a developmentally sound curriculum, rather than pre-reading skills being force-fed to them through inappropriate activities such as workbooks and worksheets.  Studies show children who spend their early childhood years learning through rich, multi-sensory activities fare much better in all areas of academia during their elementary school years and beyond.  We know what children need to grow, learn and be happy and our program reflects it.

The Benefit of a professional staff gives all children the opportunity to learn from teachers who are passionate about their work and eager to provide a caring, enriching program for children.  A strong and consistent staff provides a stable environment for children and their families. We know what children need to grow, learn and be happy and our program reflects it.
The Benefit of reasonable tuition for you and an excellent, educational experience for your child is a win-win situation for both you and your child.   We build quality in to every aspect of our program, yet our tuition is affordable.  We offer a Cadillac experience for your child on a Ford budget.  We offer many programs to fit the schedule and budgetary needs of each family.  Give us a call today to schedule a time to come by and meet us and see our amazing facility.  You and your child will be glad you did.

What our customers, the students, say about KIDSPACE Child Enrichment Center . . .

“We learn how to solve problems and we learn how to get along with other kids and we pretty much learn how to play.”     Collin, age 7

“I learn about dancing and I learn about art every day.  It’s really fun at KIDSPACE and there is nice teachers.”  Kelly, age 6

“I love my teachers and they teach me gymnastics.”  Haley, age 5

“I have a lot of favorite things at KIDSPACE.  They have a lot of fun and nice teachers.  You can’t be bored there.  I like all the rooms because they have all the toys and things we can’t do at home like magnets and all the gooey stuff.”  Cole, age 9

“I like making snack out of vegetables and stuff . . . you know . . . edible art.”  Bailey, age 9

“I like KIDSPACE because it is so fun.  Every single time I have fun.  And you learn to problem solve.”  Haylee, age 6